What are essential oils?

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Healing Plants

Essential oils are the distilled natural essences of healing plants. There are only two ways to produce pure essential oils. The most common way is by steam distillation, in which only natural elements of heat and water are used. The other method, known as 'cold pressed' and often used for citrus oils, is simply to apply pressure to citrus peels to express the essences contained therein. Both of these methods can yield 100% pure and natural essential oils, free of contamination and adulteration.


Plants are Nature’s chemical factories. They produce a wealth of natural chemicals to survive and thrive in their habitats: for everything from fighting infections of bacteria and fungus, warding off harmful insects, healing tissue damage, attracting honey bees and birds with sweet smells, and much more. Since ancient times people have learned that they too can use these properties of plant essences to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life

Essential oils are an ideal way to incorporate ancient traditions of knowledge and practice of healing plants into our contemporary lifestyles. This is because they contain the healing essences of plants in aconvenient and portable form. Each oil is compact and potent. It only takes a few drops added to your baths, lotions, soaps, and shampoos, or a few drops in a burner or diffuser, and you're already starting to benefit from the natural health properties of plants. If stored properly, in air-tight dark bottles out of heat and direct light, essential oils can last for several years.

The best way of learning about essential oils is to see what they can do for your own body and mind. So read up on a couple of oils, give them a try, and in no time you'll find yourself setting out on a rich and rewarding journey into the ancient wisdom of healing plants.



Pure and natural Essential Oils are used in these items:


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