A wise man once told us:
"You can’t heal people without healing the planet....and you can’t heal the planet without healing people."

These insightful words form the lifeblood of our work at Blue Stone Botanicals, and it has come to inform our guiding mission:  ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’

Our commitment is to ensure that Blue Stone Botanicals is, and will always be, a company that nurtures healthy people and a healthy planet by handcrafting world-class natural health items in an artisanal tradition with deep-seated local roots. Recognizing that healthy people and a healthy planet go hand in hand, here are the fundamental ways we deliver on our mission of sustainability by engaging with our stakeholders and beyond.

Blue Stone Botanicals' sustainability commitments are to:
* Our customers and the environment
* Our suppliers and the environment
* Our employees and the environment


Our Customers & the Environment


100% of the ingredients used in our personal care items come from nature! This includes whole plant extracts like coconut oil and essential oils, and naturally derived components such as plant glycerine. These are ingredients with a generations-long tradition of use in personal care on Bali and Java, and in many other lands as well. When our customers see the Blue Stone seal, they can be sure that the items contain only natural, pure, safe, and effective ingredients.


Almost all of our ingredients come from plants. And those that don't come elsewhere from nature, but never animals. Absolutely NO animal parts are used in any of our items. Some of our items contain beeswax, which originates from plant nectar and with help from honey bees is made into beeswax. Other ingredients, like pure Balinese mountain rainwater, do not come from plants but do come from nature.

Cruelty free

None of our products are tested on animals. One of the valued practices of the herbal health tradition is that it has achieved great insight into the healing properties of plants without animal testing. We continue to uphold this proud tradition ensuring that absolutely NO animal parts are used in any of our items and there is NO animal testing for our products.

No palm oil

Due to the uncontrolled expansion of the palm oil industry, the production of palm oil is one of the major causes of tropical deforestation, biodiversity loss, and land theft from indigenous communities, especially on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and others. The new ‘sustainable palm’ certification created by and for the benefit of the palm industry itself does not solve these environmental tragedies. We use absolutely NO palm oil in any of our products.


Our Suppliers and the Environment

Blue Stone Botanicals supports sustainable livelihoods of rural families on the islands of Indonesia.

We work with expert essential oil distillers, most of whom are located in the rural communities where the plants are grown and harvested, on the islands of Bali, Java, and others in the Indonesian archipelago. Many of the plant parts used for essential oils, such as leaves and twigs, are not commonly harvested for the principal food or spice trade, meaning local farmers are provided with an extra source of income.

We have recently added a new initiative whereby rainwater is collected for use in Blue Stone formulas by women in rural households on Bali’s volcanic mountain slopes, whom we’ve trained to promote sustainable rural income generation. These relationships support the use of sustainable natural resources and the families that depend on them.


Our Employees & the Environment

The Blue Stone Botanicals team of employees is who make everything possible. We have a close knit committed group of hardworking people who strive every day to deliver lasting benefits to our customers by producing top quality natural health items from the Blue Stone Botanicals Studio, and an uplifting and educational experience in the Blue Stone Botanicals shops in Bali and online.

We strive to secure dedicated individuals with a strong work ethic who have been unable to realize their full potential due to life’s circumstances. We provide a work environment that is safe and enriching with benefits that give long-term financial and healthcare security along with on-going opportunities for building knowledge and skills. Working at Blue Stone is more than a job; it’s a way of life that includes personal development and service to others and the environment.