Solid Aroma

An easy, portable,
and convenient
means of harnessing
the therapeutic
power of essential
oils at home or on
the go.

"The best Solid Aroma I ever tried!"
                          - Erma, Jakarta

100% Pure & Natural

Are you tired of balms that are too harsh, too smelly, and too greasy?

So are we! Most mass-market balms and salves are made from byproducts of the petroleum industry like petroleum jelly and mineral oil, highly processed ingredients, and synthetic chemical additives like artificial colours, fragrances, and preservatives.

That’s why Blue Stone Botanicals has formulated an original line of 100% pure and natural Lip & Body Balms. Our balms contain no petroleum jelly, no artificial chemicals of any kind, and no palm oil. They do contain only 100% pure and natural beeswax and plant oils, including skin-therapeutic Virgin Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Java Almond oil, and essential oils distilled from nature’s most nurturing healing plants. ​

Sensitive skin

Especially beneficial for sensitive skin, our Lip & Body Balms gently moisturize and feed the skin with nutrients and anti-oxidants, while the unique blends of essential oils contribute specialized aromatherapy properties to provide care where it’s needed.

Contemporary lifestyles

This original line of natural balms are inspired by old-time herbal compounds in Bali and Java, carefully updated and reformulated to suit the demands of contemporary lifestyles.

Smiles and handshakes are how first impressions are made and important deals are closed, so who can afford rough, dry, and cracked skin on lips and hands? Our natural LIP BALMS, HAND BALM and CUTICLE BALM are designed to keep sensitive skin looking and feeling its best.

Our natural MUSCLE BALM is formulated for active individuals who have to cope with long hours of demanding work, neck and shoulder tension from stress, and sore muscles from the gym. And our natural FOOT BALM is formulated to care for sore, tired, and overworked feet that are constantly on the move.

We developed our natural RELIEF BALM to provide soothing relief when minor irritations disrupt the day. And at day’s end, when life’s demands get in the way of a good night’s sleep, our natural SLEEP BALM provides calm and ease to help sleep come naturally.

Easy, portable, and convenient

Blue Stone Botanicals’ Lip & Body Balms provide an easy, portable, and convenient means of harnessing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils at home or on the go. They are pure and natural, safe and effective, gentle for sensitive skin, non-greasy, and provide pleasant aromas for both women and men.

Simply massage into the skin and enjoy Nature’s nurturing touch.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil is a fantastic natural skin moisturizer and softener. It contains high amounts of lauric acid, which is known to be anti-oxidant. It is also full of other nutrients, such as Vitamin E, another natural anti-oxidant. Because of this, coconut oil can help keep the body looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

At Blue Stone Botanicals, we use local Bali-grown and Bali-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil as a key component of all of our Lip & Body Balms. This oil is cold pressed, which means it is made without the use of high heat, hydrogenation, or artificial chemical additives. When you use one of our natural Lip & Body Balms, you are joining the long tradition of islanders who make the ‘Tree of Life’ an important part of their healthy lifestyles.

Customer Reviews

"Great products!! The Lip & Body Balm
really works. I'll be back..."

                 - Gabby & Jayne, Singapore

"My lips were badly sunburnt and I used the
Lip and Body Balm. My lips were better in
two days."

                                  - Lois, Australia

"The Relief Balm works really well on
mosquito bites. Super bagus!"

                                  - Frank, Sweden

"The Foot Balm is perfect after a day
walking around Ubud, even better if you get
someone else to rub it into your feet!"

                                   - Mel, Australia