Our Story

Our Way

Natural health for contemporary lifestyles

In a time not too far removed from today,
an assortment of oils, salts, balms, and other
natural tonics were regularly used to
maintain health and vitality.

Though these traditions are no longer
common aspects of everyday living, there is
now a resurging appreciation for natural
approaches to maintaining physical and
mental wellbeing

At Blue Stone Botanicals, located in the village of Ubud on the island of Bali, we are dedicated to making these timeless natural health traditions accessible for contemporary lifestyles. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the natural health of the islands in everyday life.

Our Inspiration

The healing traditions of Bali and Java

We’re awed by the natural power of plants to benefit body and mind, and we’re dedicated to helping people make use of these botanical wonders in their daily lives.

Specially formulated to provide comfort and care in response to the demands of contemporary lifestyles, Blue Stone Botanicals’ therapeutic preparations can be used as part of your daily personal care routine, and when your body or mind needs some extra attention to regain a state of healthy balance.

Our work is inspired by the plant-based healing traditions of the island peoples of Bali and Java. Living amidst abundant, volcanic agricultural lands, lush tropical rainforests, and along ancient sea routes to the fabled Spice Islands, they have long used aromatic plants to heal and fortify body and mind.

Building on this tradition of natural health and wellbeing, Blue Stone Botanicals’ aromatherapy, lip and body balms, and Balinese bath soaps are hand-prepared on the islands using natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils.

Our Principles

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

The many benefits of essential oils cannot be obtained from artificial fragrances, but only from the complex natural constituents found in pure and natural essential oils distilled directly from healing plants.When you see the Blue Stone seal, you can be sure that inside you’ll find the goodness of genuine, high quality essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Gentle on your body and
gentle to the earth, we use no
artificial additives
, and all of
our preparations are cruelty
and vegetarian.

We use no palm oil in any of our formulas due to its role in tropical
deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Blue Stone Botanicals are a healthy indulgence to be enjoyed with
a light heart, a peaceful mind, and a radiant smile.

Read more about our sustainability commitments here >>

Our Shops

Small shops with a big vision

Not too long ago we settled into our first home on Jl. Dewi Sita, in the heart of Ubud, Bali. We now get visitors from all over Bali and Java, and from all over the world. We envision our shop as a place where people can learn to stay healthy naturally, and to keep Nature healthy at the same time.

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Blue Stone Botanicals shops in Ubud

If you visit our shop you'll meet one of our enthusiastic shopkeepers. They're learning about local traditions of healing plants and the modern science of aromatherapy, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with visitors. So by all means, please come by if you can. For those of you who can only visit us online, Kadek, one of our shopkeepers, sends his greetings...

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to Blue Stone! I’m Kadek working at the Blue Stone shop here in Ubud, Bali. I’m happy to share our natural health items with you because they are really all natural and do not contain artificial chemical additives.

These items are made here on the islands, and make use of many popular healing plants from Bali and Java. Because we use all natural plants and flowers, we make sure the forests are not harmed. For example, we do not use palm oil because of the damage it causes to our forests.

So this is why I am so happy to welcome you to Blue Stone, and invite you to try our wonderful natural health items.

Kind regards,
Blue Stone Botanicals
Bali, Indonesia

See directions to our shop here >>