Essential Oils - Blends

blends made with
Bali's favourite
essential oils.

"I love the natural scent... It feels
like being part of Bali's nature.

                 - Jeannine, Switzerland

100% Pure & Natural

Bali Essence is a complete aromatherapy system using vintage blends made from Bali’s favourite essential oils.

This trademarked aromatherapy system, developed at the Blue Stone Botanical Studio in Ubud, Bali, combines the wisdom of traditional herbalism with the science of modern aromatherapy.

Each individual vintage aromatherapy blend has unique properties to benefit mind and body health in specific ways. When used together, these eight blends work as an integrated system to help keep mind and body balanced and resilient. ​

Complete aromatherapy system

In traditional herbalism, health and wellbeing are seen as a state of overall balance in mind and body. Essential oils, the pure distilled essences of healing plants, can be a useful aid in maintaining this vital balance. The herbal traditions on the islands of Bali and Java use the qualities of ‘heat’ and ‘cold’ to explain the effects of plants on people. ‘Heat’ does not refer to simple temperature, but rather describes states that are inflamed, irritated, overly sensitive, and overly reactive. These qualities refer equally to the body and the mind. Likewise, ‘cold’ refers to states of mind and body that are congested, stagnant, lacking in feeling, and under-responsive. The ‘heating’ and ‘cooling’ properties of plants can be used to help balance such psychological and physiological excesses and deficiencies.

Modern aromatherapy has developed with a different framework. Plant essences are generally classified as being stimulating or sedating. Stimulating essences are those that stimulate increased functioning of certain psychological and physiological processes, while sedating essences tend to quiet and calm the system by slowing functioning. A fascinating property of some plant essences is their ability to act as natural balancers, such that they naturally sedate overactive functions and stimulate underactive ones.

In this way, by combining the wisdom of traditional herbalism with the modern practice of aromatherapy, just the right oils can be selected for each situation to help the mind-body systems to stay balanced and resilient. The Bali Essence system uses eight essential oil blends that have been carefully formulated to provide a gentle counterbalance to each possible state of imbalance.

Each blend is based on extensive research into vintage essences and herbal compounds from the 18th and 19th century heyday of herbal apothecaries, and then fine-tuned with our practical experience at the Blue Stone Botanical Studio in Ubud, Bali.

Emotional balance

In general all essential oils are relaxing and uplifting. In particular, the way they achieve this is by balancing emotional extremes of different kinds depending on the qualities of each emotion. What is relaxing and uplifting to someone feeling glum and listless is different than what is relaxing and uplifting to someone feeling over-worked and stressed out.

THREE STEPS to choosing a Bali Essence blend to help balance moods:

First, reflect on whether the mood is over-active (e.g. anxious, agitated, over-driven), or under-active (e.g. lethargic, unresponsive, unmotivated).

Second, reflect on whether the mood state is withdrawn (e.g. grief, worry, depression), or outwardly directed (e.g. anger, passion, jealousy). Withdrawn states are ‘cold’ and outwardly directed states are ‘hot’.

Third, once the over-/under-active and hot/cold character of the mood has been determined then choose a blend with the opposite character to help balance the emotional state.

For example, someone experiencing ‘road rage’ while driving would feel impatient, irritated, and angry. These are over-active hot emotions and so a calming and cooling Bali Essence blend such as PEACE can be very helpful in reinforcing one’s own efforts to stay relaxed and upbeat.

Using the Bali Essence system

The Bali Essence blends are numbered from one to eight. These numbers can be used to select a blend most helpful for your current mind-body state based on the general properties of heating-cooling and stimulating-sedating. Just keep these three guidelines in mind:

- Odd numbers are generally stimulating and even numbers are generally sedating.
- Low numbers are cooling and high numbers are warming.
- Numbers near the middle (e.g. 4 and 5) are more balancing in their effects, while numbers toward the extremes (e.g. 1 and 8) are more pronounced in their effects.

Simply massage into the skin and enjoy Nature’s nurturing touch.

Customer Reviews

"Very beautiful and all natural. Lovely

                        - Joanne, Australia

"I love the natural scent... It feels like
being part of Bali's nature."

                        - Jeannine, Switzerland

"So happy to take a little bit of Bali's
serenity and sweat flavours back home."

                        - Claire, France

"The essential oils blends Harmony,
Peace, and the individual ones are

                        - Ashwani, Malaysia