Carrier Oils

botanical oils fresh
from the islands to
nourish your body,
head to toe.

"Made my alligator skin feel as
smooth as a baby's bottom!"

                       - Anne, New York

Pure cold-pressed botanical oils

Our botanical oils are cold-pressed to ensure only the purest, healthiest quality for professional therapeutic use and for personal care at home. Unlike mineral oil, which only clogs the skin pores, fixed plant oils such as Coconut, Java Almond, and Kukui Nut absorb into the skin and nourish it with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and other beneficial compounds like lauric and oleic acids. When used regularly they help keep skin healthy, moisturized and fresh. They are particularly helpful for dry, problem, and aging skin.

Carrier oils for aromatherapy

Fixed oils are used in aromatherapy for the dilution and application of essential oils. Essential oils are too potent to use directly on the body, so they must be diluted in a fixed carrier oil before being applied to the skin. Adding a few drops of essential oils to your botanical oil enhances the therapeutic effects and provides an ideal vehicle for enjoying and benefitting from aromatherapy on the body. They can be used on the scalp as a hair tonic, on the face as an oil cleanser and moisturizer, on the body as an emollient and moisturizer, particularly on dry and problem patches, and even down to the feet and toes for a delightful foot massage!

Take care of your skin from head to toe with these cold-pressed botanical oils.

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Customer Reviews

"I'm in love with your Balinese Virgin
Coconut oil. It did wonders for my dry
skin... I was amazed how quickly it
absorbed into my skin and how nourishing
it feels. Made my alligator skin feel as
smooth as a baby's bottom!"
                          - Anne, New York USA