Special Formulas & Accessories

Uniquely crafted formulas and accessories from the islands for a healthy home and body.

"Lovely products. Refreshing,
natural ingredients...You won't be

                    - Laura, Australia

Healthy home & body

Enjoy the little extras that are there when you need them to help you live naturally and healthfully. We carefully design and select a range of items that are stylish, practical, artful, and always delightful to use.

Each item is formulated, designed, and handcrafted with our Blue Stone customers in mind, drawing on the wealth of natural resources and talents available in Bali and Java.

For example, our Hair & Scalp tonic draws on a traditional Balinese recipe handed down through the generations. Our natural Luffa sponges when used together with our Balinese Bath Soaps enhance the pleasure of bath time. Our Natural Insect Repellent was formulated so everyone can enjoy even the buggiest outdoor environments. And our exclusive Blue Stone Botanicals essential oil chest provides a convenient and stately means of storing your personal aromatherapy collection.

The top quality aromatherapy burners designed and handmade for Blue Stone by the famed Balinese ceramic house, Jenggala, allows you to enjoy your aromatherapy with style and class.

We're pleased to make all of these items available to enhance your experience of Blue Stone aromatherapy.

Take pleasure in life with Blue Stone Botanicals' special formulas and accessories.

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Customer Reviews

"The products here are prepared with love
and care and you can feel it... Go and do
good to yourself."

                          - Catherine, Montreal

"Lovely products. Refreshing, natural
ingredients... You won't be disappointed."

                         - Laura, Australia

"The insect repellent really works."
                         - Stephanie

"I am so happy that I have found this
magical oil, Hair & Scalp... My hair had
fallen off so much from so much sun. Now
it's recovering 100%."

                         - Christina, Russia

"I particularly want the hair and scalp oil, it
is amazing when I compare it to using
olive oil or amla oil..."

                         - Elsa, Hong Kong