Bali Rain Mist

Nature's true
aromas delight the
senses while
benefitting body and mind as
well as people and planet.

"I love the Air Mist and I carry it
with me always..."
                        - Anne, Melbourne

Possibly the purest air fresheners ever created

Bali Rain Mists were created to provide a healthy alternative to commercial air fresheners made with artificial chemicals. These 100% natural aromatherapy mists are handmade on Bali Island with only pure rainwater collected from volcanic mountain slopes and essential oils distilled from healing plants.

We work with expert distillers and use rainwater collected by women in Bali’s rural communities to produce environmentally and socially sustainable aromatherapy mists with fine aromas and impeccable quality.

To herbalists of old, plant essences in purified rainwater was a potent recipe for enhancing vitality. Following this tradition, Bali Rain Mists are a healthy way to refresh and deodorize with Nature’s true aromas. ​

Safe & natural

Air fresheners are enjoyed as a way to bring a bit of nature indoors to refresh and deodorize. Unfortunately, it is now known that most air fresheners are anything but safe or natural. This information was hidden because manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on the label. But through recent studies published by public interest organizations and university researchers in the US and Europe, including some by a Harvard University professor, we now know that in fact almost all commercial air fresheners contain a worrisome mix of toxic chemicals. One chemical group ubiquitous in air fresheners, known as ‘phthalates’, is linked to developmental disabilities and hormonal imbalances. Disturbing chemicals were even found in some brands marketed as ‘natural’.

Bali Rain Mists were created to provide an alternative to these unsafe and unnatural commercial air fresheners. We have set out to create the purest, safest, and most pleasant air freshener possible. That’s why our mists contain only purified rainwater and pure essential oils from nature. You can’t possibly get any more safe and natural than that. And since there’s nothing in our bottles to hide, we proudly list all ingredients on the label.

Genuine aromatherapy for mind & body

Not only are Bali Rain Mists non-toxic, but even better, they’re actually good for you. Essential oils are the source of aromas in nature, and have been found to carry the healing properties of the plant. Herbalists through the ages have long touted the health benefits of purified rainwater and plant essences. The modern science of aromatherapy has demonstrated that essential oils do indeed promote health and well-being for mind and body. These health benefits are not possible from synthetic fragrances, but only from high quality, genuine essential oils distilled from nature. This means that each time you spray a Bali Rain Mist, while your senses are being delighted by Nature’s true aromas your mind and body are benefitting from Nature’s gift of good health.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Bali Rain Mists are not only good for the people who use them, but also for the people and the earth that produce the ingredients. We work with expert essential oil distillers, most of whom are located right in the rural communities where the plants are grown and harvested, on the islands of Bali, Java, and others of the Indonesian archipelago. Many of the plant parts used for essential oils, such as leaves and twigs, are not usually harvested for food or spice trade, meaning local farmers are provided with an extra source of income.

In addition, the rainwater is collected by women in rural households on Bali’s mountain slopes whom we’ve trained through an initiative to promote sustainable rural income generation. These relationships support the sustainable use of natural resources and the families that depend on them. So while the production and sale of other air fresheners support large toxic chemical manufacturers, Bali Rain Mists support sustainable rural livelihoods for families on the islands.

The best of Bali in one little bottle

Perfect for the home, office, car, or to carry on the go. Packaged in elegant aluminum bottles that are light, sturdy, reusable and recyclable, Bali Rain Mists are portable and convenient to use. The aromas are expertly formulated to delight the senses, while the pure and natural ingredients benefit mind and body as well as people and planet.

Enjoy all the benefits of Nature's true aromas with pure Bali Rain Mists!

Rural Development

In 2013, Blue Stone Botanicals realized a long-time dream of using the production and sales of our Aromatherapy Mists to directly benefit local communities - especially women living in rural households and the families they support.

We began a pilot programme of training women living in the rural villages on the volcanic slopes north of Ubud to properly collect pure mountain rainwater in the manner of the alchemy herbalists of old. The rainwater is collected in open areas, free of pollutants, without ever touching the earth, plants, or people, which maintains its physical and energetic purity. Especially prized is the highly energized water collected during a thunder storm!

Back at the Blue Stone Botanical studio the water is further purified through a series of earthen filters before being blended with our special blends of pure and natural, distilled essential oils.

The result is perhaps the purest air fresheners ever made, with health virtues for body and mind as well as people and planet!

Customer Reviews

"This is my second time at Blue Stone. I
love the Air Mist and I carry it with me
always when I travel for business to refresh
hotel rooms. I also use it at home a good
nights sleep. Beautiful products. I will
be back to restock soon!"
                                       - Anne, Melbourne

"My daughter brought home from Bali your
Aromatherapy Mist... I absolutely love it!"
                                      - Nancy, USA

“Love the...sprays. I use it as a body mist,
leaves a subtle refreshing smell on my skin
as I can't use perfumes due to chemicals.” 
                                      - Ashwani, Malaysia

"I was in Bali recently and bought some of
your Bali Spirit mist and I am so sorry I
didn't buy more for my family."
                                      - Elizabeth, USA