Bath Soaps

Naturally cleansing and gentle on your skin, our bath soaps are a simple, pure way to cleanse your face and body.

"It gives me such a CLEAN clean,
if you know what I mean!!"

                             - Kat, USA

Handcrafted Bar Soaps

Our Balinese Bath Soaps are handcrafted in time-honored tradition using small batch wooden moulds. They are made with a nutrient-rich blend of natural ingredients including locally grown coconut oil which are both deeply cleansing and moisturizing.

Pure & Simple Liquid Soaps

Amazingly gentle, cleansing and moisturizing. We've made the simplest, purest and freshest liquid soap possible. Nothing but the most essential ingredients have been used. The natural plant glycerin used in these soaps makes for a wonderfully smooth, moisturizing body wash.

Natural & Naturally Derived

We use only natural and naturaly derived ingredients from plant sources. You won't find any artificial additives, preservatives, sulphates, phthalates, or other harsh chemicals to irritate sensitive skin. Because we use pure and natural botanicals, our soaps are tough enough to clean even the greasiest skin, yet so gentle they can be used daily on the face and other sensitive parts.

Contemporary lifestyles

To complement the soaps' natural cleansing effects, we developed special blends of pure essential oils, giving each soap a uniquely delightful aroma. Balinese Bath Soaps are the perfect blend of old-time wisdom with contemporary sensibilities, suitable for daily use on hands, face and body.

Make the therapeutic benefits of botanical oils part of your daily hygiene routine with any of these naturally cleansing Balinese Bath Soaps.

Soap for Seafarers

In the Indonesian islands coconut oil yields a natural soap any wind-worn seafarer can appreciate. Highly cleansing and moisturizing, it's just the thing for wind-chapped and sun-burnt skin. It also suds prolifically, even in cold and salty water, meaning a quick dip overboard can be made into a timely excuse for a bath!

Customer Reviews

"Recently started using a soap... I LOVE
IT!! It gives me such a CLEAN clean, if you
know what I mean!!... This soap lathers
great too!"

                                     - Kat, USA